InstantEDI is deployed as a web service. Unlike native libraries, it can run on various platforms and be called from multiple languages.

The API is completely stateless, so InstantEDI can scale horizontally by deploying it on multiple servers. All instances can be put behind a hardware or software load balancer to present a single logical server unit.

Most server-based products require complex setup. They process incoming files on their own, storing results in a staging database or another file format. This requires further processing by client code.
InstantEDI is called from your code and returns a native language object with the data, eliminating any intermediate steps.

Are you a developer who's tired of reading lots of high-level marketing materials on other vendors' sites? Still have no clue how to use their systems and don't want to talk to sales professionals?


Just hop over to the Usage page to see how to use InstantEDI.

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