We are a small group of healthcare information technology professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in the software industry.
Over the years we have come across the need to process X12 data over and over again.

We have used commercial solutions, open source parsers, and even built a custom parser when nothing else was available. Each approach had its own challenges, including performance, ability to use our programming language of choice, and having to parse XML to get the data we needed.

So we decided to build a healthcare specific EDI X12 parser that was easy to use, fast, and usable from virtually any language.

We are launching InstantEDI, so we can share our new parser with you. We are not sure what its full potential is. Our hope is that you will find it useful and let us know about your experience, both positive and negative.

We are offering InstantEDI for free for a year, so we can gather feedback from all those who choose to use it. Support is included for free, as well.
Based on the feedback, we will incorporate additional features and determine how best to continue offering InstantEDI to the market.
And don't worry - we plan on offering excellent discounts to early adopters and will work with you to ensure you continue using it for years to come.

We invite you to try it today for free.

The InstantEDI Team

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