What Makes InstantEDI Special

Healthcare Focused X12 EDI to JSON web service honed to quickly parse X12 objects into useable JSON objects

  1. Cross-Language Support - can be used by any language that supports:

    1. Restful Web APIs

    2. JSON Objects

    3. Examples: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, Javascript, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java

  2. Simple Web Service - use an easy and secure API that returns JSON your programming language of choice sees as a native object

  3. We take care of the hard part of breaking the complex X12 EDI data it into a navigable structure

  4. Enables fast time-to-value (just days) to obtain license, install and then call API to process your data files

  5. Need data for your test or demo environment? We create HIPPA Safe Harbor de-identified data from your X12 files

Our Value

1 Year Free Trial

  • Use it free for 365 days

  • We will issue you a free license

  • All we ask is that you provide us feedback

Easy Install

  • .NET Core Application Deployment

  • Can be deployed to a variety of platforms

  • Up and running in hours

Automatic De-identification

  • Automatic de-identification of PHI data upon request

  • No need to post-process data in your test or demo environments

Use It

  • Free Upgrades

  • Free Email Support

  • Unlimited trading partners

  • Unlimited file processing

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