Are you trying to parse a Healthcare X12 EDI file into a usable format? Do you need to be able to use the data in your other applications? Then please continue reading, you probably found that EDI X12 files have an unusually complex layout that's hard to parse into usable format.

Maybe you looked around and found some possible options for getting to the data you're looking for via XML. Now the problem shifted from parsing EDI to parsing XML - much easier to be sure, but not quite as easy as you'd like.

InstantEDI offers a simple Web Service API that returns JSON your programming language of choice sees as a native object. All you need to focus on is the data you want to extract and the segments that contain it. We take care of the hard part of breaking it into a navigable structure for you.

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A fast and scalable web service deployed on-premise that parses Healthcare EDI files into usable JSON objects

Health Care EDI

Parses Healthcare Professional 837P claims, Institutional 837I claims, and Payer Remittance 835 files

Simple Web API

Simple to use RESTful web application programming interface


Callable by any programming language that supports RESTful web api calls and can process JSON objects


We don't store or transmit any data (source or parsed) anywhere. All parsing is done in memory on the server.

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